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Oligomineral spring

It is generally known that quantity of healthy water in world is reducing and natural resources of healty water springs for exploatation is rare.

On 17 900 m2 of land, which is in the private property, there is natural spring of oligomineral water of high capacity and on favorable location for exploatation.

Thic spring is located on land with wery low population density, between Kozara and Prosara mountains, abot 20 km from the municipality Kozarska Dubica, Republic of Srpska – Bosnia and Herzegovina. Spring is abot 40 km from motorway and only several hours from the first seaport on Adriatic sea. There is a road to the spring and near is electricity connection.

Complete analysis of this mineral water is done by HEMOLAB institute in Belgrade, Serbia and Monte Negro. Hidrogeology, geophysics and geo-electricity study is done by authorize engineer. On base of geophysics study in aim to do waterworks it is established that drilling must be done on 60 and 80 meters depth. Today capacity in all year season is about 5 liter in second. There is assumption that capacity can be larger after drilling.

With wery little investment it is posible to provide healthy natural oligomineral water, and closeness of motorway and sea enable fast and cheap transport to customers all ower the world.


Letter of support

June, 16, 2004

Municipality Kozarska Dubica is supporting investment project of exploitation undergrounds water and building factory for exploitation of underground water on private property owned by investor Šobota Milan from Bijakovac, Municipality Kozarska Dubica.

It is our opinion that realization of this priject provides a huge step in development of our municipality, especially in a sense of employment and economic development of region.

This project is ecologically justified what can be proved by study documentation.

Municipality Kozarska Dubica is absolutely agreed with reconstruction of such object at our municipality, and we are truly hoped that project will be successfully realized.

Mile Zlojutro,

Head of Municipality of Kozarska Dubica

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